Your reservation time is your check-in time. Please arrive on time.

Release from liability and responsibility:

I understand that the activity takes place on public roads and that I will be therefore exposed to the everyday risks of traffic;
I understand that the activity involves a personal athletic element;
I am fully aware of the inherent risks and dangers related to the participation in this activity and I am deciding to participate of my own accord;
I release and exonerate completely and indefinitely the organisers as well as Drink Bike inc. from all responsibility related to my participation in this activity, especially from any loss, any damages and any claims or litigations resulting from personal injury or property damage;
I understand that although helmet-wearing is recommending during this activity, no helmets will be provided by Drink Bike inc.
I understand that a tour can be modified/cancelled in the event of extraordinairy/unexpected road conditions.

Participant’s Agreement:

I confirm that I am at least 18 years old and that my physical condition allows me to safely participate in this event;
It is my responsability to show up on time for the activity. No refund will be issued if you are late;
I must follow the directions provided by the operator of the drink bike;
I will not get off the drink bike while it is in motion;
I will reimburse Drink Bike inc. for any damages that I personally cause to the drink bike.
I understand that any participant(s) that do not respect the above conditions will be expelled from the activity without refund.

By placing an order with us you agree to the following terms and conditions.